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Optional Activities and Excursions

Optional activities

Optional activities are designed to present you with a fresh perspective on the region you're travelling through.

Whether it's surfing on the Donegal coast or starlight kayaking in the heart of West Cork, these activities will provide you with unforgettable memories of your visit to Ireland. The following options are designed to give you a different perspective to experience Ireland and can either be booked in advance or in person whilst on tour.

  • Dolphin Boat Trip €16

    Dolphin Boat Trip €16

    In 1983, a bottle-nosed dolphin started to appear at the mouth of Dingle Harbour. Christened "Fungie" by the local fishermen, the now world-famous dolphin has remained in Dingle ever since, and has become both a friend to the locals and fishermen. We offer an optional boat trip out into pretty Dingle harbour where a meeting with Funghi is guaranteed.

  • Horse Ride on Inishowen Beach  €45

    Horse Ride on Inishowen Beach €45

    A brusque horseback canter along the beach is the perfect way to spend Sunday Morning, especially when it’s on the breathtaking rugged coast of Donegal.

  • Kayaking Killarney Lakes €45

    Kayaking Killarney Lakes €45

    The Killarney National Park is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt habitats in the country. Here you can experience it from a different perspective, gliding through the waters of its magical lakes amid the profuse wildlife that teems throughout the park.

  • Medival Banquet €60

    Medival Banquet €60

    Join the Earl of Thomond for a glorious Medival banquet, at the incrediable 15th century Bunratty Castle. The Banquet Hall refelects the banqueting style of the medival era, where a four-course meal (accompanied by wine) will be sereved, whilst the Butler, Ladies and muscians of the castle perform throughout the meal.

  • Paddling on the Barrow River €45

    Paddling on the Barrow River €45

    Counties Carlow and Kilkenny are the setting for a gentle river trip along the meandering Barrow River between the peaceful villages of St. Mullins and Graiguenamanagh. This historic route will also be taken by fellow travelers on foot and on bicycle, so each can choose the perspective which suits them best.

  • Paddling Tour Cork City €50

    Paddling Tour Cork City €50

    Cork is known as the 'Venice of Ireland', and rightly so, with its twin river and numerous canals. You can experience the city first-hand from the water as you are shown around by experienced kayak guides. Not only do you get introduced to the landmarks, sights and history of the city, but also an opportunity to see it from a perspective that not even the locals usually get!

  • Starlight Kayaking in West Cork €50

    Starlight Kayaking in West Cork €50

    We launch from colourful Skibbereen straight into the waters of the Ilen river, for a night-time adventure never to be forgotten. If we’re lucky we may experience the beauty of bio-luminescence around us while we paddle, as the waters glow with a thousand tiny lights!

  • Surfing Strandhill, Sligo €45

    Surfing Strandhill, Sligo €45

    Excitement and adventure await as you prepare to 'catch a wave' at one of Ireland's surfing hotspots. The giant Atlantic waves that sweep the shorefront of Strandhill have made it a surfing mecca!