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Small Groups

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Small Group Tours

Sharing experiences is all part of the fun with Explore Ireland Tours!

Explore Ireland Tour groups are small enough to get off-the-beaten track and allow you to experience a personable authentic tour in great company!

With a maximum of 24 people on tour, it makes it easier for our tour to get off the main roads to experience the remote parts of Ireland where nature and culture are deeply entwined.

You'll explore Ireland's hidden gems, its stunning landscapes, small villages and vibrant people and end up with a truly genuine perspective on the country.

Our small group tour size not only makes it possible to access the beautiful tracks and trails dotted around Ireland with ease; it also allows us to reduce our environmental impact when we get there.

Likewise, whilst our small groups bring much needed revenue to the local communities we visit, we get the benefit of maximising our engagement with the communities we are visiting ensuring that we discover that quintessential Irish experience first-hand.