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Activities & Experiences

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activities and experiences

Explore Ireland Tours is all about integrating activities with unique insights and cultural experiences in Ireland.

Walking and biking Ireland?each day engages you with the countryside and nature; optional activities provide a fresh perspective on the region you’re visiting; while discoveries provide first-hand experiences of the history, heritage and indigenous crafts of Ireland, as well as cultural encounters with its people.

Every day on tour is designed to integrate aspects of these, meaning that you will have a full and rich experience of Ireland, as well as many treasured memories which will last you for years to come.

It's especially because of the small-group nature of Explore Ireland Tours that we can offer such rich and engaging experiences. We've put together some of our favorite discovery activities for you to see here, but check the full tour itineraries to see how many ways Explore will engage you with the real Ireland.


Walking holidays

Walking in inspiring landscapes on our diverse range of stunning walks every day on tour! All our walks are graded easy to moderate with the addition of the occasional longer option for those who fancy an extra challenge.


Paragliding on holiday

Ireland has a diverse range of adventure activities to experience from Paragliding to Zorbing. Whilst we don’t offer all of these on tour, we will gladly help you organise them to experience whilst you're on tour or before/after your trip with us.

Horse Riding

Horse riding on holiday

If horse riding's your thing then there’s no better place, as it's an integral part of Irish culture. Get ready for some dramatic scenery as you trot along beautiful green trails and remote golden beaches.


Padding on holiday

Experience Ireland from a different perspective as you explore Ireland’s pristine coastline, magical lakes and tranquil rivers on our range of optional kayaking and canoeing trips.


Cycling holiday

You'll have the opportunity to explore Ireland on two wheels everyday on tour on our easy to moderate bike rides with the some longer options for those who fancy an extra challenge. We carry the bikes with us and it’s all included in the price!


Surfing in Ireland

Boasting some of the finest surfing in Europe along our dramatic Atlantic Coastline, excitement and adventure awaits, as you prepare to 'catch a wave' at one of Ireland's surfing hotspots.