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Dear Travel Agent,

Welcome to Explore Ireland Tours and thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

Explore Ireland Tours is new company offering a unique touring concept to experience the ‘Real Ireland’. Combining an imaginative mixture of multi-activities such as leisurely walks, bike rides, kayaking and horse-riding with cultural discoveries to some of Irelands best known sites such as the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway to and many of our hidden gems!

We offer both scheduled and private group tours for durations of as little as 2-days to in excess of a 2-weeks, across three touring styles, from Budget Adventures to Activities In-Style and everything in between so there’s always a tour to suit every timescale and budget.

Were happy to work with operators and travel agents from around the world, through any number of channels some of which we have outlined below. We’ll happily provide face-to-face or online training (depending on where your located), to your sales agents and staff to ensure you’re all adept of our tour programmes and style, so they can advise our clients of the best and most suitable tour, to suit their needs and budget.

Most importantly we guarantee that that any commission you earn on sales, will come off our bottom line and will not be passed onto the customer, ensuring all the passengers on tour pay the same price and everyone gets a fair deal!

  • Explores Affiliate Scheme

Join out Tour Affiliates Scheme and you earn a generous 5% commission for every direct purchase made by referrals from you or your website. We’ll also provide you with a unique tracking code so that we can accurately track all bookings made by you. Sign-up now, it’s quick, easy and free!

  • Explore Agents Online

If you would like to work with us on an on-going basis and become an established online booking agents then please contact us and we’ll arrange a credit agreement, unique online trackable code and provide you with marketing tools and tips to help promote us on your website. Contact Us for more information.

  • Explores White Page Website

By incorporating our online bookable tours into your own website it allows you to sell our tour programmes directly from your own website. Contact Us for more information.