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At your own pace

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At your own pace

Ireland is all about stunning scenery, vibrant culture and welcoming people.

What better way to experience it than by engaging with these landscapes and communities, not just as a tourist, but as an active participant?

Each day on tour we integrate activity options with cultural encounters to get you below the surface, to engage with Ireland from different perspectives.

No prior experience of any of the activities we offer is required, as our tracks and trails are designed not as race circuits, but are intended to be enjoyed at your own pace, so anyone who is in good health and moderately fit will enjoy them.

Whether you'd like to walk or cycle every mile we have to offer or put your feet up and watch the countryside roll by from the back of the bus, it's not a competition with pressure to participate or perform. We offer only gentle encouragement to enjoy Ireland the way you want to, at whatever level suits you best.

All our routes vary in length, from a short stroll to a maximum of about 2.5 hours, and on many days we offer a number of options so you can choose what suits you. We always offer lots of included sightseeing excursions and where possible have options other than activities so if you prefer a gentler pace you can do that too!

But for those who like that extra challenge, we keep some 'back-pocket' options, so where possible you you can add some extra miles...!