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Couples & Friends

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Couples travelling with Explore Ireland Tours

Ever had trouble booking a holiday because you want to do one thing and your friend or partner has different ideas?

We offer the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to an Irish holiday, which is why Explore Ireland Tours are ideal for couples and friends that enjoy travelling together, but have different ideas about how they want to enjoy their trip.

Often couples and friends take a separate approach: while one picks up the pace, intent on getting in some extra miles of stunning scenery, the other can enjoy it all at a more leisurely pace, soaking up the landscape with other travellers on the tour.

On an Explore Ireland Tour we offer many different activity options during the day. Often when some of the group are walking on one beautiful trail, others are biking a different one. There may even be a few members who would prefer to be down in the local town or village while this action is going on, enjoying a relaxing ramble through some local shops.

At Explore we recognise that not everyone wants the same thing from a holiday, so if you don't fancy joining the action one day, you can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the tour bus! The only thing that is important on an Explore Ireland Tour is that all passengers have an appreciation for the great outdoors and are flexible enough to fit into a group tour.